Saturday, March 10, 2012

Button Washer Necklace Tutorial

Supplies you will need to make this Necklace:
1.  Floral Wire.  You can purchase at the $1 store.
2. Button Color of choice.
3. 1 larger Washer.  Want to say it is a 1/2.
4. Med. Size Jump Rings.  I bought mine at Joann Fabrics.
5. A clasp to hook it together.  Again bought at Joann Fabrics.

Now how to make the necklace:
1.  Take the Floral Wire and estimate around your neck for sizing.  Then cut just a little larger then you want it.
2 You will take your Washer and the button you want on top of it for your center piece.  Then you will take your piece of floral wire you cut,  fold it in half so you know your center point.  Then pull wire under and through the top & back down through the bottom of the button and washer and pull it through tightly and pull outwards.  Look at the next couple pic. below.
3.  Now you will take your next button for one of the sides and go under & over and pull again tightly so they almost overlap each other.  I alternate sides and colors.  You will see by looking at picture. 
4.  Pretty simple once you get it going.  When you are complete with buttons, you will now loop and twist the ends of you wire so you can connect the jump rings and the clasp.

Thanks for stopping and checking out this tutorial.  Hope you like it!!!

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