Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Colored Beaded Wire Wrap Bracelet Tutorial!

More Colors and Examples at the bottom of tutorial!!! 
Tools you will need:
1. Beads, Beads, Beads!  You have to use a mixture of light weight beads as well as heavy beads, such as glass beads... Most of the little ones you see in the pic. are small plastic colored ones.  Also I have my baseball and football beads you can buy from Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics...  This one in the pic is made to represent U of Iowa.... 
2.  Wire 20 guage.... You can use any color.. I used Silver....
3. Scissors

How to make:
1.  First take one end of your wire and pull like a slinky....
2.  Figure out how many rows you want your bracelet to be..  I usually go Four...  So once you figure that out keep it in slinky mode and cut to the size you want...  Do not worry about fit just yet, because this will fit all wrist.  Because it is a wrap bracelet and you can form the wire to fit your wrist when all done...
3.  Once you have your size cut, you will take one end of the bracelet and make a small loop... This will be the stopper as you put the beads on..
4.  Now you will start sliding your bead on from the unlooped side in any order you like...  I do about 5 light plastic beads and then a heavier glass bead(Baseball or Football)..  Does not have to be a sport... You can just make a cool bracelet.  Leave a real tiny space at the end to make another loop. 
5.  Once all your beads are on you will leave enough room to make another loop on the other side to hold beads in.  The loop should be enough to make sure all beads are tight and no sliding...
How Easy was that!  Now you have a Really cool looking wrap bracelet!  Here are some other one's I did!
Chicago Bears
St. Louis Cards..
Colorado Rockies

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Real Baseball Cuff Bracelet Tutorial!

Real Baseball Cuff Bracelet!

Tools you will need:
1. Baseball- Bought a 2 pk from Target
2. Box cutter
3. Images from Etsy.com
4. Mod Podge & Dementional Mod Podge
5. Baseball bead Joann fabrics
6.  Elastic band...  Joann fabric
7. Needle & thread
8.  Sewing machine
9. Piece of fabric of choice to put in the inner piece of baseball.. Not shown in pic.
10. Sewing machine  Not shown in pic
11.  Beads/ Optional
12. Glue Gun  Not shown....

How to:
1.  First take your baseball and you are going to want to cut the pattern around the seams.  Once you have taken your cutter around the shape a few times it will peal right off!  Super easy.  Did not take long at all. 
2.  Now that you have your Baseball cuff, you decide how you want to decorate.  As you can see in the pic.  I did a plain one with just the Cardinals logo and did a Cubs beaded one. 
3.  For the beaded one you take your needle and thread and the tiny little holes where the seams are on the baseball you will go in and out adding the bead through the holes!  Super easy!!!!
4.  For the logo, cut your logo out and mod podge it on where you want it and then once dry put your dementional modge podge on and let dry over night.  I cuffed mine around a bottled water  to hold the cuff while applying this and letting dry!
5.  The longest part is taking some material of choice and outlining the baseball cuff.  You need 2 pieces the same.  Now you will take and sew inside out like you would a pillow.  Make sure you put the elastic bands in on both sides before you sew.  The one side will be the band folded in half and the other will go through the hole of the baseball bead and then folded in half.  I actually used my needle and thread to to sew them like a cursive small case "L" then I pinned them on each side of the fabric before sewing together. Look below at pic... Once sewn you will reverse right side out, finish sewing.  now line up on the inside of baseball cuff and once lined up you will hot glue the fabric in. 

6.  Once completely dry you should be able to loop the one side of elastic around the ball to close....
7.  Be sure to look at pic closely to get a better idea of backside!!!
Now once done you have this Awesome Team Bracelet.. Remember you can decorate anyway you like!!!
Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial!!! 
On this one I cut the ball between the seam which let's you make 2 bracelets out of one ball..  Pull the seams out and you can take thread and sew around again to look like seams with the holes that are already made!! 

Teacher Bracelet with sewn in Name.... 



Saturday, July 21, 2012

"TEAM" Fashion Totes & Other Misc.. Team Stuff!

"TEAM" Fashion Totes!!!
St. Louis Cards. Fashion Tote!
St. Louis Cards. Fashion Tote!
St. Louis Cards.  Fashion Tote!
St. Louis Cards. 2011 Champs Fashion Tote!
st. Louis Cards. Fashion Tote!
St. Louis Cards. Fashion Tote!
St. Louis Cards. Fashion Tote!
BackSide of above
Large St. Louis Cards.  Zipper clutch!

Minnesota Twins Hobo Fashion Bag!
Texas Rangers Hobo Fashion Bag!
Texas Rangers Hobo Fashion Bag!
Chicago Cubs Fashion Tote!
Chicago Cubs Fashion Tote!
Chicago Cubs Fashion Tote!
Greenbay Packer Fashion Tote!@
Greenbay Packer Fashion Tote!
Chicago Bears Hobo Fashion Bag!
University of Iowa Fashion Tote!

St. Louis Cards/ Packers Wine Bag!  Put Wine Glass Gift on each side and bottle of wine in middle!  Very cute and unique!
Chicao Cubs Wine Bag!
Team Cross Beaded Bracelets!

Team Charm Bracelets!

Baseball Shoe Clips!  Any Team can be put on them!!  Super cute!

Pacifier Beanie...  Easier to find Paci!!
Baseball Pacifier Clip...
Team Hair Barrettes! Any Team!

Team X-Mas Ornaments!  Any Team!
Team Wreath.. Can put up all year long! Any Team!  So Much cuter in person!