Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Min. T-shirt Scarf Tutorial

Grab a old T-shirt or Tank Top
Cut across at Armpit
Now cut slit's half way up the biggest half of T'shirt & you will pull on each one to stretch them out....
This is what it will look like when done cutting and stretching
Sorry does not look that great with this sweatshirt, but my 6 year old took the picture and was a little impatient for me to change!  LOL!  This is what the ending result will look like!!  Super cute with solid top or tank!  Also you could prob. Trim the little tassels if needed and if you use a tank top it will hang shorter as well..  I made one that way as too....This project is fun and only took 5 min. if that!!!  Great Gift for someone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Real Baseball Keychain Tutorial

Tools you will Need:
1. Real Baseball
2. Hole Puncher
3.  Keychain Ring with hook bottom (Bought at Joann Fabric)
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Button (I used a Red Button)
6. Team Logo (ordered off Etsy.com)
7. Modge Podge & Dementional Modge Podge
8. Box Cutter
10. Needle & Thread

How to make:
1.  First take your Baseball and Box cutter and cut around the middle of the seams all around the base ball.... You may have to do a couple of times to cut deep enough into baseball.
2.  Next start peeling the 2 pieces of the base ball back.. You should be able to make 2 from one base ball.  To loosen it up even more if needed take your scissors and cut along the seams where you were cutting with the box cutter.
3.  Once you have peeled away from the baseball you will now pull any accessive seams away from the ball.
4.  Now take your your button, Trace your logo for size of logo to fit on button.  Put logo aside and now  place button where you want and use your needle and thread to sew on.
5.  Now modge podge your logo on the button and use your dementional modge pod to glaze the logo.  Now let dry completely....
6.  Once completely dry fold your pealed baseball in half and use your hole puncher to make hole for the hooked key ring....
7.  Once hole is completed, now take your glue gun and glue the pealed balled together foled in half...
8. Now stick your hooked key ring in...

Now you have a awesome Team Baseball Keychain!!!!