Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fashion Tank Top Hobo Bag Tutorial "Scroll down below pic's for Tutorial"

Items Needed.... 
1. Tank Top.. I used Men's Mediums...
2. Felt for flower
3. Button for flower
4. Fabric cutter
5. Sewing machine
6. pins
1.  If you want the Tank tote with the fringe you will keep tank right side out through the project.
2.  Lay tank straight out flat.
3.  Take you pins and pin them where you are going to sew across so you have a pattern to follow.
4.  Leave the extra part of tank connected....  !!!!!!
5.  You will now follow across your pattern of pins with sewing machine.
6.  Once done sewing, take your cutter and cut Multiple strips of the left over tank up to where your sewn line is...
7.  Once done cutting across you will pull the strips to stretch them.
8.  Now use your felt and button to make flower and glue it on with your glue gun.
If you do not want fringe at bottom, you will turn tank inside out and follow same direction...  Once done sewing though you will cut excessive bottom of tank off with cutter.....
P.S.. You can also add a cell phone pocket on the inside neck for fun...
Sorry I did not have any pics... Was not sure I would be writing a tutorial at the time....  If you have any questions let me know!
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