Wednesday, August 3, 2011

-Personalized Jewlery/Fashion Jewlery

Multi- Colored Flower Necklace #1
Earthtoned Art Filled Washer Necklace
Earthtoned Multi Colored filled Washer Necklace
The Favorite Swirl Necklace & Ring!

Custom Design Personalized Jewlery #21 

Engraved Name Necklace
"I love you" Mother/Daughter/Sister/personalized necklace.
2 pic views of the Family Tree Necklace

I Love you Mommy to the moon & back with childrens birthstones.
I love you "Child's Name" to the moon & back with childs birthstone.  Also have follow your dreams charm.
Faith, Hope, Love Personalized Angel Necklace
The Locking Love Ring & Necklace!

Cross beaded Necklace.  Can be in any color.
Multi-Colored Cross Pendant
I love you "MOM" to the moon & back!
"Friend" Euro Bracelet {Can put something else instead of Friend if requested}
"MOM" Euro Bracelet
COACH image pendant necklaces!
JUICY image Pendant Necklace.

Large Orange Flower Bracelet  (Comes in Red as Well)   ALSO COMES IN RED. ONLY 1 LEFT! ALSO COMES IN RED!

Birlap Flower cuff Bracelet

Animal Print Bangle Bracelet 

Fashion Bangle Bracelet

Brown Ruffle Bracelet  BLACK/GREY/WHITE.
Double Washer Necklace
Personalized Name Necklace

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  1. Ronnie- Thank you so much for the personalized baby necklace, I just love it! Also, thank you for the great Autism Awareness angel, which I proudly post in my office, and the Autism Awareness pendant, which I wear all the time. You do great work and are very creative!