Friday, January 6, 2012

Locking Washer Ring Tutorial!

Hello Guests!  If you are looking for the Multi-Colored Flower Washer Tutorial, it is below this Locking Washer Ring Tutorial!  Thank you for visting and hope to see you again soon!  Oh, & if you have time feel free to connect with following or leaving a comment!!
Tools you will need:
  • E-6000 or some type of metal bonding.
  • 1 Adjustable Ring Base.  Bought mine in a pack of 8 from Joann Fabrics.
  • 1 Regular Washer.  I believe this one is a small 7/8.  Should be just a tad bigger then your biggest Locking washer which is a 1/2.
  • 6 Locking Washers.  You will start with grabbing the 1/2 which will be your largest and work your way down in size each one being smaller and smaller in size with a total of 6! Bought all my Washers at ACE hardware.
  • Did not show picture, but a Q-Tip.
Now that you have everything, now it is time to have some fun!
  1. Take your 3/8 Reg. Washer and with your Q-Tip put the E-6000 around it.  Do not worry, it will not show at the end of your finished craft.
  2. Then take your 1/2 Locking washer and place on the glue.
  3. You will repeat steps with glue and the rest of the Locking washers from biggest to smallest to where it should look like you are building a peramid.
  4. Once you are done with that with the E-6000 glue the peramid you made with the washers to the Ring base.  Let dry upside down so the ring finger is upwards.
  5. When done it should look like this:

& if you want to be even more fancy you could use some Alchohol ink and turn it a different color!!!


  1. I am featuring this at Cool idea!

  2. Very lovely & simple!

  3. Too cute! I can't wait to go to Ace Hardware again. My last visit was eventful. The owner came by the washer aisle and asked if I needed help. I was buying hex nuts for a necklace that day. I held out a handful of the hex nuts and asked "do these come in any other color? He stared into my eyes and waited to see if I was joking. One of his employees came by and he stopped him, made me ask the question again. They both had a good laugh.
    BTW, hex nuts only come in silver plated and brass tones, lol.

  4. Wait, so I just need lock washers to make that GORGEOUS ring! It's beautiful! I love it so much. Thank you so much for sharing. It's something I will definitely be proud to show off.