Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Items made end of 2011/ 2012 so far!

So I have many other things that are catergorized if you click on the months or 2011 where there are 16 different post to the right anywhere from Jewlery, Fashion Totes & Much more.  However on this new post I am just going to post random Items I have made in end of 2011 /2012.  Let me know what you think!!! You can leave comments, Question or even just email me at  Also another really neat blog to check out is!  Me and her have a lot of crafty ideas in common!!!

Fashion Tote with matching detachable clutch
Multi-Colored Washer Necklace

Flower Chain Ribbon Necklace

Flower Button Stretch Ring

Be Yourself Beaded Charm Bracelet. Other Charms can be added!

Button Necklace

Fashion Tote!
Multi-Pattern Wood Handle Fashion Bag!

Cute Bucket Hat with Flower!
Bucket Hat with matching Hobo Bag!
Lego Cross Necklaces with sport charms!

Team glass bead cross bracelets!

Button Boutonniere

Button Necklace

Heart Wired " I LOVE YOU" Necklace

Coach Image Necklaces

Coach Image Shoe Clips

Cuff Tie Bracelet

Dr. Seuss Book Image Bracelet

Multi-Colored Washer Necklace

Beaded Fabric Necklace

Family Tree Birthstone Charm Necklace

Washer Necklace

Button Flower Stretch Rings

Unique Wired I Love you necklace

Frog Button Boutonniere

Multi-Colored Washer Bracelet

Fashion Tote

Team Stocking.  Can come in other Teams

Washer Beaded Necklace
Rosette Stocking Cap!
 Fashion Tote
 Silver Flower Mesh Bracelet
 Team Flower Coin Purse
 Wired Heart I love you Necklace
 Team Charm Bracelet
 Team Fashion Tote

Tie Ribbon Toddler Dress
 Teacher Boutonniere
 Teacher Wreath
 Team Tote
Cardinal Bags!

 Black Pendant Wired Necklace
 Volleyball Charm Bracelet
 Fabric Beaded Necklace
 Team Ornament
 Heart wired Necklace
 Multi-Colored Flower Washer Necklace
 Rug Fashion Tote!
 Teacher Wreath
Team Wreath

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