Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tutorial on a Button Wedding Bouquet!

Items you will need:
-Floral Wire, I bought  mine a the Dollar store (Green) and painted the stems white which I will show you later.  I used 1 & 1/2 rolls.  Just depending on how big you want.
-White pearl beads.  Bought mine from Joann Fabrics.
-Obviously various buttons of choice.  Any size and color!
-Foam Bouquet.  Bought mine from Michaels for $3.99 and used of course my 40% off coupon.
-Lace funnel that goes under bouquet.  Again bought from Michaels.  $3.99 and also used my 40% on top of that.
-Any type of ribbon or material for the handle.  You can also buy handle covers from Michaels if that makes it easy! I used Felt, Satin, Pearl beaded cover and ribbon.  Also added a locket for a picture of maybe a loved one who has passed!
-P.S.  Also added a few random tiny white floweres with stones I purchased at Michaels around the bouquet. 
So now lets get started:
-I kind of layered the buttons How I wanted to wire them before hand.  As you can see in my button pic.
-Next you will start cutting pieces of wire about 7 inches long to thread through the buttons.  You will just go up and over and pull through.  Then Twist the stem tightly. 
-I started with about 20 & then painted the stems white & let dry.  Does not take long to dry.
-Once Dry I started in the middle of foam bouquet and you just want to stick in enough that it stays, but most of the white stem should be still out of foam.  I did not do this but some people dip the end in glue before putting into foam.  Just FYI!  The wire bends easy as you continue to put the buttons on you move the buttons and as they build it covers all the wiring.  As you almost fully build your bouquet some of your wiring will be smaller. 
-I also painted some just plain wire pieces with out buttons and would stick one end of the wire in the foam, fill half way with pearl beads & stick the other end back in the foam. Would form what I call a rainbow over the buttons.  You can see this in my final picture.  I did this in different spots througout the bouquet.
-When finished with the bouquet, you can put the funnel lace on it.  I recommend gluing it. 
-Now you can finish the handle how you like!!!!
Final Results

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!  Hope this helps!

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