Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rosette Vinyl Tie Bracelet Tutorial

Tools you will need:
1. Scissors
2. Chose of vinyl color
3. Chose of fabric colors
4. Hole Puncher
5. Not pictured, however sewing machine
6. Glue Gun not pictured
7. Pins..Not Pictured
1.  You will first cut out 2 rectangle pieces of you sizing chose from the vinyl.  Make sure exact same size.  It should be at least the width of your wrist. 
2.  Next you will put both pieces of vinyl on top of each other so they line up exact.  Then you will hole punch each side like the picture below.
3. Now you will use your sewing maching to sew up both sides so that the vinyl is visable on both sides.
4. Next you will take fabric of chose and cut out 2 strips to put through hole.  Tie in knots.  Make long enough, because this will be your tie for the bracelet.  One will go on each side.
5.  Next cut another rectangle out of fabric and you will make folds in the fabric to give it pleated look.  I did use pins to hold... however did not show under tools.  Once you have pinned how you want, then you will sew a couple times through the middle, kind of give it that fan look!
6.  Next again you will take fabric of choice and cut a strip to make a rosette.  Cut strip, tie know at the end and roll.  Use glue gun to hold it together.
7.  Now you will glue your pleated rectangle to the middle of your vinyl piece and glue your rosette on top of that in the center with glue gun.

Now you have your Rosette Vinyl Tie Bracelet!
Thanks for checking out my Blog/Tutorial!  Let me know what you think.

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