Saturday, June 30, 2012

"COACH" Image Beaded Cross Bracelet Tutorial

"COACH" IMAGE Beaded Cross Bracelet Tutorial!  (More Colors Posted Below for Example) 
1. Stretch Magic Cord. Bought mine at Joann Fabric.
2. Glass Beads..Color of choice. Again Joann Fabric.
3.  "COACH" images. I order my from Etsy:  You order and the images are emailed to you with in 24 hours. And you have for life....LOL! If you want to make more! 
4. Modge Podge & Dementional Magic Modge Podge. Sorry did not show this is supply picture.
5. You will need a large cross bead that is flat. Can be any color or pattern because you are going to cover. Again not shown in pic, however I ordered from Ebay.
6. A stick of Crazy Glue. Again not in picture.

(Sorry this Picture is a example of the  right supplies, however the beads and paper were for my Team Cross Bracelet!)
1. Trace your cross on the 2" Circle "COACH" image.
2. Cut out your "COACH" image so it will fit in the middle of the cross. Mine was a 2" Circle image.....
3. Now you will Modge Podge your card stock cross onto your cross. Under and on top.  Take you fingers very gently and crease down the corners and edges so that the image is smooth all the way around the cross.
4. Once dry you will take your dementional magic and outline the cross and keep filling til you have filled in the whole cross. This has to dry overnight!
5. Once your cross is dry, now you can take your Stretch magic. I usually leave on role while I put on beads, so I can cut to size when done. You will add all your beads. 
6. Cut off role. Tie in a knot a couple of times.
7. Now use your crazy glue to put on the knot. Then tie again and glue again to make secure...
And you have your AWESOME Bracelet!  Let me know what you think!!!!

A Mother's Prayer Bracelet!

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