Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tutorial for Beanie Pacifier!

Tutorial for Beanie Pacifier!  (Makes it easier to find your Pacifier!)
Tools you will need:
1. Fabric of choice.
2. Any decoration you may want.  Example I put the "A" for my Nephew Alexander....
3.  Sewing machine
4. Batting to fill the beanie.
5. Pacifier ( I used the Green "AVENT" Soothie)
6. Hole puncher
7. Ribbon...  I used Baseball Ribbon

How to make:
1.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric same size.  You can make as big or little as you want.  I cut 6 inches in length and about 2.5 in width.
2.  After boiling my pacifier I took my hole puncher and on the handle lip part I hole punched 3 punches across the middle to slide my ribbon through.
On this paticular pic.  I messed up the hole punches.  You will want to make them more in the middle so you have more thickness on the bottom.

3.  Next I took my 2 pieces of fabric and faced the main pattern on the inside.  I pinned the pacifier with ribbon at the top middle.

4.  Next I sewed across the top as close the the lip of the pacifier as possible so you can barely see the ribbon when finished. 
5.  Next you will sew the 2 sides and leave bottom open to pull right side out.

6.  Once you have pulled through right side out, Make sure the pacifier is in place where you want it.  Should be middle....  You will now stuff with your batting.  You want it pretty stiff.
7.  Once you have batting filled to where you want, now sew across bottom with your sewing maching and use your cutter to cut off any accessive fabric.
8.  I then used my glue gun to add the letter "A".

And there you have it!  A cute fun Beanie Pacifier.  Makes a cute Baby Gift!

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