Thursday, July 26, 2012

Real Baseball Cuff Bracelet Tutorial!

Real Baseball Cuff Bracelet!

Tools you will need:
1. Baseball- Bought a 2 pk from Target
2. Box cutter
3. Images from
4. Mod Podge & Dementional Mod Podge
5. Baseball bead Joann fabrics
6.  Elastic band...  Joann fabric
7. Needle & thread
8.  Sewing machine
9. Piece of fabric of choice to put in the inner piece of baseball.. Not shown in pic.
10. Sewing machine  Not shown in pic
11.  Beads/ Optional
12. Glue Gun  Not shown....

How to:
1.  First take your baseball and you are going to want to cut the pattern around the seams.  Once you have taken your cutter around the shape a few times it will peal right off!  Super easy.  Did not take long at all. 
2.  Now that you have your Baseball cuff, you decide how you want to decorate.  As you can see in the pic.  I did a plain one with just the Cardinals logo and did a Cubs beaded one. 
3.  For the beaded one you take your needle and thread and the tiny little holes where the seams are on the baseball you will go in and out adding the bead through the holes!  Super easy!!!!
4.  For the logo, cut your logo out and mod podge it on where you want it and then once dry put your dementional modge podge on and let dry over night.  I cuffed mine around a bottled water  to hold the cuff while applying this and letting dry!
5.  The longest part is taking some material of choice and outlining the baseball cuff.  You need 2 pieces the same.  Now you will take and sew inside out like you would a pillow.  Make sure you put the elastic bands in on both sides before you sew.  The one side will be the band folded in half and the other will go through the hole of the baseball bead and then folded in half.  I actually used my needle and thread to to sew them like a cursive small case "L" then I pinned them on each side of the fabric before sewing together. Look below at pic... Once sewn you will reverse right side out, finish sewing.  now line up on the inside of baseball cuff and once lined up you will hot glue the fabric in. 

6.  Once completely dry you should be able to loop the one side of elastic around the ball to close....
7.  Be sure to look at pic closely to get a better idea of backside!!!
Now once done you have this Awesome Team Bracelet.. Remember you can decorate anyway you like!!!
Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial!!! 
On this one I cut the ball between the seam which let's you make 2 bracelets out of one ball..  Pull the seams out and you can take thread and sew around again to look like seams with the holes that are already made!! 

Teacher Bracelet with sewn in Name.... 




  1. These are cool! Although we're Detroit fans over here...These are awesome! Great job.

  2. Would like to know how you attached the beads around the edge of cuff, looks like they are every other one rather than a string of beads all the way around. Unique to say the least!

    1. The Beads I just use a needle and thread and under and over the holes on around the ball.... the bead basically lays in between to of the wholes so it looks spaced.... Hope that helps... If you have anymore questions let me no... Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    2. P.S.. Also us a white or clear thread so it does not show up... Do not want to overlap the seems I already did for the baseball.... So you are just weaving in and out of the holes under and over for the beads...

  3. As for the mod podge, do you just use it as glue underneath the picture to attach to cuff, then use the dimensional on top? PLEASE ADVISE!!! Thanks.

    1. On the top one's yes I used a mod podge underneath and the dimensional on the top.. However what works the best which is on the bottom is to sew a button on then mod podge the logo on top of that and use the dimensional on top of the logo... Looks much better... Thanks!!!!!

    2. Thanks for responding, unfortunately, I didn't look to see if you had replied before I added the dimensional mod podge to item. I printed out a team logo and cut around it, so it's not exactly round like a button.....glued w/mod podge, just now added the dimensional mod podge...the logo I'm using is red on black, looks like the red coloring has bled a little - I tried to wipe the excess dimensional off which leaves a narrow edging around my logo - any other advice you can offer. Thanks.

    3. HI! So what I think you can do if your log blead and wrecked...Is take a plain white piece of paper.. Cut a shape out to fit your logo and cover it with the white piece using mod podge... Wait to dry..Then cut another logo out and mod podge over the white piece let dry.. Now before you use the dimensional if you ball does not lay flat on table I would wrap it around a empty plastic water bottle and lay it on side so logo is facing upwards... secure your bottle on both sides and then lightly dimensional the logo again... Hope that helps.. Let me know..

  4. Thanks Ronnie, will try the above!

  5. Ronnie, re-reading the above in - not sure I'm understanding it....I put the logo down on a piece of white cardstock and cut both at the same time, now, I mod-podge the white onto bracelet, then the logo on the white - then the dimensional mod-podge - each after each dries???

  6. Would appreciate a response to the above question. Thanks!

  7. Ronnie, I cut out white cardstock a little larger than the logo - using cardstock didn't work, guess it's too thick as when I kinda folded the bracelt - or bent it like you would to put on your wrist, the cardstock came away from the bracelet! :(

    1. Hi! Yes I do not use card stock.. It would prob be too heavy.. Is that what ur logo is from is card stock?? If u are using card stock then I would find a button the size of ur card stock .. Cut to shape of button.. Sew button on bracelet then midge posher the logo on the button after fry then dimensional midge podge it.. I have been using buttons mostly now on mine.. Also what I was saying for the whit paper was if and when ur logo bleed the first time u could try covering it with white paper and midge podge to be able to start over with out reusing a new ball.. Hope this helps.. So sorry for the delay in response!!!! Thanks

    2. Sorry for miss spells above.. U know how the phone check likes to work with crazy words!! Lol