Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Colored Beaded Wire Wrap Bracelet Tutorial!

More Colors and Examples at the bottom of tutorial!!! 
Tools you will need:
1. Beads, Beads, Beads!  You have to use a mixture of light weight beads as well as heavy beads, such as glass beads... Most of the little ones you see in the pic. are small plastic colored ones.  Also I have my baseball and football beads you can buy from Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics...  This one in the pic is made to represent U of Iowa.... 
2.  Wire 20 guage.... You can use any color.. I used Silver....
3. Scissors

How to make:
1.  First take one end of your wire and pull like a slinky....
2.  Figure out how many rows you want your bracelet to be..  I usually go Four...  So once you figure that out keep it in slinky mode and cut to the size you want...  Do not worry about fit just yet, because this will fit all wrist.  Because it is a wrap bracelet and you can form the wire to fit your wrist when all done...
3.  Once you have your size cut, you will take one end of the bracelet and make a small loop... This will be the stopper as you put the beads on..
4.  Now you will start sliding your bead on from the unlooped side in any order you like...  I do about 5 light plastic beads and then a heavier glass bead(Baseball or Football)..  Does not have to be a sport... You can just make a cool bracelet.  Leave a real tiny space at the end to make another loop. 
5.  Once all your beads are on you will leave enough room to make another loop on the other side to hold beads in.  The loop should be enough to make sure all beads are tight and no sliding...
How Easy was that!  Now you have a Really cool looking wrap bracelet!  Here are some other one's I did!
Chicago Bears
St. Louis Cards..
Colorado Rockies

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