Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D.I.Y Decorated Team Wine Glass Tutorial!

Tools Needed:
1. Wine Glass or Martini Glass.. You can get nice one's at the Dollar Store.
2.  Sharpie Paint Pens... Your color choice depending on what team you are doing.
3.  Oven
How to:
1.  Wash and Clean your glass very good before applying paint.
2.  I covered the bottom of the glass with my White Paint Pen and then used my Red Paint Pen to add the seams like a Baseball.
3.  The Stem you just scribble with the Paint Pen colors because it kind of looks 3D so you really cannot make any mistakes when painting stem...
4.  Next Decide what Team Logo you are going to do.  I practiced with a Pen on paper first before I applied the Paint pen to my glass.  But do not worry, if you do make a error on the glass you can wipe off as soon as possible before drys perminent.
5.  Once complete, I would let glass sit for 24 hours to completely Dry.
6.  Next do not preheat, but just put glass on cookie sheet standing up at 250 degrees for 30 minutes...  Then take out and cool....
7.  Glasses should be hand washed only!!!!!!!!!!!
I am making these this year for X-Mas Gifts!!!!  You can obviously put any design your heart desires on them!!!!!  I just have a lot of Wine drinking St. Louis Card Fans!!!  LOL!! 
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  1. I just now saw this! That is awesome! I LOVE it!!!