Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Mickey Mouse" Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow Tutorial

Tools Need:
1. 2 pieces of fabric of choice approx. 4.5 by 4.5.
2. Black & Red Felt (Not Shown)
3.  2 white buttons
4. Needle & Thread (Not Shown)
5. Ribbon of choice
6. Pillow Stuffing
7.  Hot Glue Gun...(Not Shown)
8.  Sewing Machine (Not Shown)
9. Pen & Cardboard or Paper

How to Make:
1.  First cut 2 pieces of fabric of choice the same size. (Approx. 4.5 X 4.5)
2.  Cut a piece of ribbon of color choice. (Approx. 10 inches)
3.  Take your Pen and a piece of paper/cardboard and make a Mickey shaped head using a glass and 2 milk carten lids for the ears...  Then cut it out so you have a Mickey head Pattern.
4.  Pin your Mickey head Pattern on the black felt and cut around, so you have a full Mickey head in Black felt.
5. Next Pin your Mickey head again on the Read felt and cut around to for the Mickey head.  Now take the Red Mickey and cut in half so you just have half the large circle for his pants.
6.  Now place the red pants on the bottom half of Mickey head made from black felt.  Now take your sewing machine or hand stitch around the bottom of the pants leaving the top of pants to make the pocket.
7.  Now hand sew the 2 white buttons on the red pants.
8.  I also sewed "MY TOOTH" on mickey with my sewing machine.
(Not Necessary)
9.  Now set aside Mickey for now and take your 2 pieces of 4.5 fabric and 10 inch ribbon.  Take one piece of the fabric laying down with design facing up.  Now pin Ribbon as shown below and then lay other piece of fabric over design down as shown.

10.  Now sew around the edges leaving the bottom open for sewing with your machine.
11.  Now once sewn pull inside out and pull your pins out of ribbon.
12.  Now stuff with stuffing leaving a half inch at bottome to sew across.
13.  Take scissors and trim off any accessive fabric.
14.  Now take your glue gun and glue Mickey on the from of pillow.
And you have you Awesome cute Mickey Mouse Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow!
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