Friday, September 28, 2012

"Team" Earring Tutorial

Supplies:  See Pics below supplies.  Most of it is pictured.
1. Scrabble Pieces.  You can purchase at Michaels.
2.  Images of your choice.  I bought mine off of Etsy under scrabble images.
3.  Small Jewelery rings.
4. Earring Hooks.  Again from Michaels.
5.  Paint color of choice
6.  Modge Podge
7.  Dementional Modge Podge
8.  Drill
9.  Also not sure what it is called but used the wire bead filler.  That is the thing in the picture that looks like a needle with the circle at the end.  LOL!  In the jewelery dept. at Joann fabric.

How To Make:
1.  Drill hole in top center of 2 scrabble pieces.
2.  Use your scrabble piece to trace around the image you are using or use the scrabble size image if already sized. (CUT OUT)
3.  Paint your scrabble pieces to match the image you chose.  Front back and sides.
4.  Once paint dry, now Modge Podge your image on the side with the letter of scrabble piece.
5.  Once Modge Podge is dry then you will use your dementional Modge Podge and put a layer on your image.
6.  Once Dementional Modge Podge is completely dry now take a pin and poke from the back to make sure you do not seal the hole.
7.  Now Dementional Modge Podge the backside.  Let Dry Complete.
8.  Now once all dry you can take the thing I call a bead filler and put halfway through hole of scrabble piece and bring both sides up and twist.  Cut accessive wire off, but you will be using the round end to put the ring through which will also have the hood earring.  Or you can just use a ring to up through the scrabble hole.  What ever is easier for you.  Sorry I cannot remember what those are called.  If you are reading this and know, please feel free to comment!  LOL!
And now you are all finished and have some really cute earrings!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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